With her cascading locks draped like frosting dripping from a 3 layered cake, her bouncy, blond mane was posed to dampen any fall she may encounter. Her spirit was unbridled, and her smile was virally infectious. Although her speech in English was limited to just a few words, she understood many phrases and had a grasp on other people’s body language and thus could glide around a room with total comfort. Testing the laws of physics, Gretta would experiment with strength of materials, by tapping objects against a concrete slab to try and gauge where they were in a scale of 1 to 10. She was also throwing items that looked like they needed to escape their static positions on earth and were set free by flight. This is where she excelled. Like a tiny, toy tornado, Gracious Gretta would circumnavigate the room in her mission to discover all the interesting objects that were strewn about and, with the closure of each adventure, a return trip to the dinner table was on the itinerary. From this home base, she’d refuel that high performance engine running smoothly in her cranium with peanuts, cheese curds, and some high-octane water. As the flight crew kept her replenished, she was cleared for takeoff for another flight around the room and visual vortices were often spotted where she used to be. The mobile radar stations kept a constant lock on their new addition to the fleet and, with older aircraft in the vicinity, she was never out of visual range. This remote Air Force Base was proud of their freshly delivered Mach 2 capable trainer jet. With numerous shakedown runs and constant fine tuning, that little swept winged Gretta will soar to new heights and will break a few windows with all the sonic booms she will leave in her wake. GGRRRETTAAAAA!!!

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