With the introduction of the HATEBOOK site that suddenly appeared in the 2020 election year, the number of hits accelerated like a runaway rocket. Special Interest Groups saw a new vehicle to deliver their usual Candidate Bashing Program aimed at the opposing nominee for office. In the old days, a platform stipulating the outstanding accomplishments of their contestants in the field of human rights and programs to curtail inappropriate spending permeated the air waves. Starting with early television, the goal slowly eroded to character assassination and fault amplification of the opponents. Now with “pay per screw” HATEBOOK, people can unload pure loathing without being attached to some petty advertising scheme. Elections can bring out unadulterated despise at its elementary level. The slanderous stew cooked up on this site also generated an in-depth scientific study of just how far down the rabbit hole evil, human thought can travel. As a spin off, certain intelligence organizations have developed some exciting new ways to torture and extract information from “enemies”, thanks to the collective genius of many dark human thoughts that were proposed on HATEBOOK. It’s also keeping the weapon developers quite busy working on these new sources of ideas. Who knew that this simple venting site could generate such a vast wealth of venom and abominations? As a side note, other observations of the effects on society after this site was up and running, was that misunderstandings were less likely to happen. An idea promoter could review his outcome on HATEBOOK and then make appropriate corrections similar to a spat in a marriage that leads to makeup sex. Also, an Economics student noticed that the national debt level dropped slightly after a year, because someone installed a 3-source income at the HATEBOOK site. One to join, one to bark, and one to listen. Unlike Amtrak and the Postal System, it’s refreshing to see a government office make a profit. 

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