The human face has distinct features that appeal to the eyes of another, especially one of the opposite sex. Vast scientific data accumulated by expensive surveys have whittled down that approximately 5% of all humans are considered naturally good looking. Of this, about 2.5% are female and all are socially under pressure to find a suitable mate and reproduce. This creates a substantial number that are plain looking or even ugly. Different cultures use different methods to enhance the beauty of their young women. Certain African tribes stretch the neck of a young girl to increase her suitability. This would be known as the Deep Throat Ploy. Others put plates in their lips to amplify the mouth as a sex symbol for obvious reasons, while still others drag the ear lobes down with heavy weights to increase the gripping surface, also for obvious reasons. While fertility only takes place during ovulation, many men need constant releases from sperm overproduction, so women become, in essence, a relief valve. In western society, a huge industry is devoted to enhancing the facial features with vibrant colors in the form of pastes, paints, and highlighters. From a young age, girls learn all the tricks of makeup application from their mothers, friends, and experts in the industry. Continuing this tradition up until their deaths, many people make a living in this deceptive, yet desirable, trade. The drawback to makeup application is unknown to most people; human skin is constantly being replenished and its production facility is at the top of the skull. This skin factory uses a conveyor belt system to produce new skin as the old skin flows down the face via gravity. The additional weight of these cosmetics pulls down more rapidly than nature intended and the excess puddles at the neck where the shoulders slow it down. Necks don’t lie, makeups do. Use cosmetics with caution because a china doll face coupled to a turbulent, turkey neck is a turnoff.

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