One of the weapons that surfaced in Prehistoric times took place just after these: fight for life wrestling, tree limb thumping, and hurling rocks. It was a handheld device called a knife. Initially made from fractured rocks with latter versions made of bone, flint, obsidian, and wood, these tools were used to prepare food, erect shelters, and eradicate an enemy. At the start of the Bronze Age, around 5,000 years ago, as metallurgy progressed, knives were constructed of various metals, alloys, and ceramics with unique designs for specific purposes and functions. It became a backup or stealth weapon after the invention of the firearm and can be affixed to a rifle barrel to continue the killing spree when all the ammunition is exhausted. It was a well-respected weapon at close range. Today it has value for its workmanship and is presented in ceremonies as an acknowledgement of honor. It is used in the entertainment industry by the skills of the knife throwers and their assistants, predominantly females(?). In the medical industry, a surgeon can increase his and his facilities’ net worth tremendously by their adroitness in the operating room with a scalpel, a super sharp mini knife. As in all practicing institutions, most of the time it works, but the failures still get billed. To bring back the respect that a knife formally commanded, new technologies are being applied to old weapons. The double-edged dagger has been improved by combining two blades at 90°to each other, thanks to CNC machining techniques. It is known as a quad dagger. The curved karambit knife and the blades of a drone helicopter have been engineered to preform flawlessly together as a remote-controlled knife that is flown into its victim. Very messy. The favorite of the Rambo Gang is the Ballistic Knife. With a 14″ blade propelled by a 3,000PSI nitrogen charge in the handle and sporting a laser scope mounted on the butt, it’ll scare the crap out of the toughest of hombres. 

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