Ryan Taylor, a hefty 13EEE, was married to Michelle, his 6 1/2 E Valentino strutting wife, formally Ms. Lupinski, an ardent Kmart shopper with a flair for pumps. On an overcast January morning, the rains had subsided in an affluent suburb of Dallas, Texas. Detective John Calloway, a10EE arrived on the scene of the murder of Ryan. An investigation was launched and, within a week, the arrest of Tommy Lee Sharkuski, a 9C Salvatore Ferragamo wearing construction worker and Ryan’s wife, Michelle, was conducted. A trial ensued and a conviction for Murder 1 for the pair was attained. THE END. Using SHOEPERCHARGING, the writer got the essence of the story across in record time, thus, freeing up the reader to pursue other activities to complete their busy lives. Because this is a new literary device, here’s the breakdown: Ryan, 13EEE, is a professional offensive tackle (a good but not a 12E superstar) that protects the quarterback to the tune of $1.5 mill a year. His protection personality was attracted to the small, but big breasted, Michelle years ago. Her 6 1/2E wide foot was telling the readers that nature designed her to support huge breasts. Her designer shoe preference told Detective Calloway, a 10EE (an intense professional with intelligence), that she was materialistic and high maintenance. Going into her past, he discovered her high school sweetheart, Tommy Lee (9C), had a small frame but a big attitude. His record was peppered with violence but none with Michelle. Uncovering a huge death benefit for Michelle, it didn’t take long to connect the dots. Tommy and Michelle plotted a scheme for Michelle to use her ample breasts to massage Ryan’s genitals and to entrap him into marriage and financial security. With that secured, after a house party, during a rainy night, a hidden Tommy shot upward into an inebriated Ryan’s chest. Sunken prints provided the evidence. IF THE SHOE FITS, YOU MUST NOT AQUIT.  

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