Tucked away in the far west wing of the GREEN ACHE-ORS FACILITY is the complex’s modest mortuary. Consisting of a stainless-steel examination table for qualified individuals to medically verify death and a computer terminal to legally register and certify the deceased. This is THE transfer point for the transitioning cadaver. Any healthy organs are harvested at this time as a gift to others. Even old, diseased bodies contain some coveted chemical compounds that are lacking in others. Willful waste makes woeful want. The finished processed body is then slid into a horizontal refrigerated chest to hold the body while it awaits GREEN CREMATION. When the next available sunny day appears, the organic vessel is brought into the focus chamber and the parabolic mirrors are uncovered and extended upwards. Computers calculate the precise angle and track the mirrors to concentrate on the entire length and width of the body. The intensely hot beam sears and evaporates the cadaver as filters collect the rising gases. These vapors are then condensed and chemically treated to produce carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen compounds that make fantastic fertilizers. The remaining calcium compounds left on the table are compressed and epoxied together to form a calcite cube that will later be inscribed on each face with the individual’s name, birth and death dates, children’s names, main occupation, and 2 words chosen to describe their life. These cubes are then suspended on a wire through opposite corners and placed in the tree garden so that all 6 sides are visible. They are also inscribed in Braille, just in case human vision is lost over the eons. Sid Miller’s altered chemical remains have been poured onto the roots of a seedling, hybrid, coastal redwood. For the next 2 to 3 thousand years, Sid will view superb sunrises and spectacular sunsets from his future 300-foot-tall vantage point above the remains of his skeletal cube, absorbed into the tree far below. 

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