The still air was now free from distant death screams of all pitches and intensities. The war was over, and, in the end, no one can claim victory. Three-fourths of all terrestrial life are gone, and, in the sea, half of the aquatic entities will never swim the oceans again. Simple life forms, such as bacteria, have also suffered as the hosts they once inhabited have decayed down to calcium compounds and offer no dietary significance to them. In short, the world’s been thrown back a billion years in history. In the rebuilding process, the Penguins are relying on the technically savvy Humans to restore their homelands to its prewar condition: frozen in ice. Forming communication links with the other Humans still alive in hardened bunkers scattered over 6 continents, the survivors got busy. The vast majority of the Human survivors shared two similar traits: luck and above average intelligence. The stupid were eaten long ago. Using their quantum computers to assess the poor Penguin’s plight, a plan was roughly laid out and presented to all animal parties. The Aquatics dictated a pressing condition and the Humans quickly adapted a change order to accommodate them. The Humans would converge on the old Oak Ridge Complex and extract nuclear material that was stored there when the USA disassembled their nuclear stockpile after the SALT talks with Russia. They then transported the finished products to the narrowest part of old Nicaragua. Buried one half mile down and strung across the isthmus, hundreds of thermonuclear weapons were placed in precise locations. The goal was two-fold: one was to blow a free-flowing canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans without locks. The Orcas were looking for a short cut. The second was to expel enough non-radioactive debris into the upper atmosphere to block the sun and create a nuclear winter thus reversing the global warming condition. 5, 4, 3, 2, BOOM! Within 2 months it was severely snowing in Antarctica.  

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