What electrochemical zap that fired off the thought process, that convinced Kim 5 Songs to call for a cease-kill will forever be unknown. Perhaps it was an undigested component of a krill brain that started the cascading electro-neural network to formulate the idea of peace. Whatever it was, it was long overdue. In their Antarctica stronghold, the Penguins lived on the newest land to ever present itself to animal eyes. All that ice that once covered this continent was now gone and revealed a terrain that was stark and breathtaking. Lakes of azure blue meltwaters were huddled in the numerous valleys that lay before the polished stone walls of nearly straight up mountain ranges. The global warming theory was beckoning disbelievers to come see a landmass freed from ice in a mere 100 years. All Human scientific presence that was there, has long washed out to sea. The Penguins were not designed to live in this environment year-round and did not have the technological intelligence to assess a solution. The remaining Humans must be spared. A diplomatic party of Penguins were sent to what was once an ancient anti-ballistic missile site in the old republic of North Dakota. The Humans were notified of the upcoming peace accords by carrier pigeons and unlocked the blast doors underneath the truncated concrete pyramid that guaranteed their safety. They were met by terrestrial animals of all kinds and amphibians that came as spokescritters for all the aquatic species. The peace summit was held outdoors on the flat concrete terrain that once housed 5 megaton Spartan missiles in silos below. Like the end of the Human World War II, peace talks a. lways take place on a mighty mechanical weapon capable of killing all lifeforms, to differentiate the choices of life and death. The new Polar Pact was signed by representatives of all the remaining Humans and paw, flipper, and wing prints from the appropriate parties endorsed the treaty. The Snakes were not invited.

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