The world of physics employs tens of thousands of people specially trained in observing and describing that which can never be seen by the human eye. Humans rely on their five senses to stimulate the brain and to make sense of their environment. Without a logical theory about events and laws in nature to predict outcomes: it’s just magic. Long ago, cave people saw the world as a scary place that required instantaneous animal responses in order to survive. If a small animal was in your vicinity, you killed it and ate it. If an animal was bigger than you, you ran. Then they saw patterns. If a big animal had flat teeth, you picked up a big stick and killed it, and if a big animal had pointy teeth and you couldn’t outrun it, it killed you. Simple. Then they noticed amongst themselves differences in their anatomy. Some people had sticks and some had pits. At certain times, the people with the sticks would chase the pit people, throw them to the ground and try and stab them to death with their big, dull sticks. It rarely succeeded. But they then noticed the pit people hung around and got fat. Soon there was a new stick or pit person hanging around and the cycle repeated to replace the slow people who got eaten. Again, simple. This was the revelation of the yin and yang principles, or how seemingly opposite forces may be interconnected and interdependent in the natural world. When energy was finally described in various mathematical forms, something was amiss in the observable universe, so dark energy was invented. Likewise, the same holds true for matter, thus, giving physicists the opportunity to invent dark matter that turns out to be more common than regular matter. It also comes in two flavors, matter and antimatter. Coming down the pipe, compliments of a whole army of physicists who wish to write papers in order to get job security, are a trunkful of new concepts. Expect dark antimatter, dark photons, dark neutrons, white holes, and many DARK VADERS. 

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