2020 is the year the American voters will store into their memory banks the actions of their distinguished President. Having fought tooth, nail, and swinging elbows to accomplish his last campaign promise of building a secure wall at the country’s southern border, his personal baby came to fruition. Wielding Abraham Lincoln’s determination, Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s tenacity and Lydon Johnson’s famous negotiating skills, he single-handedly convinced both houses of elected pious politicians to approve his country saving scheme. As the last brick was set in a 24/7/365.25 driven schedule, manned by tens of thousands of double-breasted construction workers (union and non-union), and representing all 50 states, the wall was complete by November 1st. Just in time for the presidential election. Not since the Alaskan Pipeline has such a public construction project been pushed with intense resolve and promotion. Spanning hundreds of miles in sporadic populated border locations, the 35-foot-high white wall glistened in the desert sunlight with its synthetic adobe coating, trying to imitate the Pyramid’s dolomite capstones. Hieroglyphic characters adorned the surfaces to give texture and importance to the monolithic structure. The 3D inscriptions created shadow lines on the face and its appearance changed with the arcing sun tracking the heavens. It was an awe inspiring and a fantastic work of art that demanded a moment of silence from all who cast their glaze upon it. Peppering the first 5 feet of height were numerous outdoor bank teller-like windows with secure stainless-steel drawers in which to do business transactions with. Pharmaceuticals, textiles, and burritos were passed to the American side and excessive US currency went in the other direction. All were happy. The presidential election results were in. The exalted king that accomplished the impossible in record time lost to a woman who had sex with an entire basketball team on You Tube. 

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