As the air raid sirens pierced the air at 135 decibels, the scenes around Washington DC were organized chaos with trained military personnel scrambling to get select government officials and their political aides into high-speed underground pods and zip them off to installations deep underground. On the surface, the streets were strangled with traffic as fights broke out amongst civilians like an Irish soccer game. Senator Bill Miller and his three 20-plus year old female aides, Sara, Tina, and Candy along with Tom Shinkle, a 42-year-old political advisor that was with Senator Miller since his election 21 years ago, were waiting. The Army Ranger assigned to escort the 5 individuals to Installation 14 was a fit and obedient soldier who did not take his assignment lightly. Sergeant Alex Cherney pushed the passengers into the pod that was waiting for them in the basement of the Capitol building and jumped in. The girls huddled around the Senator with a look of bewilderment as the pod accelerated to unfathomable speeds. The military saw the writing on the wall as the two superpowers were being commanded by egotistical leaders with thin skins. No one really knows what set off that ICBM headed for ground zero: downtown Washington D.C.; but, estimates put it over the northern reaches of Elsmere Island in Canada. ETA: 18 minutes. As the pod decelerated at near breakneck forces, the door flew open in front of Blastdoor 3. Tom was instantly yanked to the side of the platform as Sergeant Cherney grabbed the Senator and his female aides and lead them into the installation where an unknown woman in her 50’s directed the 4 to a staging area. Alex Cherney had one more order to execute. He grabbed Tom just outside the blast door and kicked his legs apart. Drawing his 45 pistol he shot Tom in the groin, instantly turning him into a eunuch and threw his body inside the closing blast door. Alex Cherney waited sadly on the platform for the tunnel blast to kill him.

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