Our illustrious federal politicians that keep the magic wheels of our great country spinning ever so flawlessly require assistance in their everyday endeavors. The job requirements of these political aides are to take care of the day-to-day minutiae such as research, speech writing, appointments with constituents, and pretty much everything else that makes a politician shine like the sun in their district. The prerequisite for such a low paying, thankless career is a college degree in just about anything, a moonload of patience and the ability to observe on a daily basis, deceit, disguise, and lies with absolute silence. Their careers are short if they side with an ousted legislator but if they hang on for 10 years or more, the fringe benefits are fantastic. The vast majority of politicians are male so their choice of aides is female, not because they work for less, but because of the secret infrastructure that exists throughout this country. Starting with Shangri-la (Camp David), this military guarded site was established during WWII and provided a secure location for the top members of the government. Later, Raven Rock Mountain Complex was built to provide protection against nuclear weapons that were being developed at the time. A tunnel connects the two locations. New installations followed, including the Greenbriar Bunker, Cheyenne Mountain, Mount Weather, and others with the specific purpose of maintaining continuity of government by harboring top officials and their families in the event of disasters (war). Due to the development of very fast, Mach 20 ICBM’s, select aides will be rushed off to new underground installations built under Langley, compliments of the Patriot Act. They have been prechosen for their breeding potentials. After Armageddon, the selfless task of repopulating the country with female aides and the Elites will take place. Their loyalty, competency and genetic diversity will restock the empty streets with superb Americans. 

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