The heavily reinforced concrete bunkers that lie 80 feet or more below grade offered a coveted sanctuary for the politicians, their aides, a few specialized scientists, and highly trained technicians to keep the complexes functional for up to 2 years, if needed. Well stocked and comfortable, they contain individual bedrooms with king beds covered in silk sheets for the nonpareil politicians who were allowed up to 6 female aides to accompany him into the bunkers. Mathematics estimated that, in an all-out war, 3.2 females per male legislator would make it into the fortification at any given time. Their wives and children would be taken to other installations closer to their homes in order to calm the husbands, knowing their families were safe and could communicate with them. This situation was necessary for the elite males to procreate with their aides as ovulation cycles overlapped. The patriotic duty was afforded to them after their election victory, but some exercised it during peace just to stay in practice. The sacrifices they must make is incredible. The bunkers were equipped with neonatal wards to assure the health and well-being of the new Americans and computer stations were installed everywhere for their education. Teachers were not needed as their personal beliefs could taint the minds of the little children. The loyal aides provided fresh eggs to fertilize along with an innate ability to serve their country blindly. Since the advent of the Cold War in 1947 and the proliferation of nuclear weapons, these programs have been constantly modified to improve the survival and improvement of mankind. Non-essential males have been either eliminated, or eunuchtized (a new word), in order to keep the new order pure. Older female aides are assigned to family bunkers and are encouraged to go lesbian in order to satisfy the wives. When the bunker doors open, a mass exodus of pure Americans shall step out to the vast and cleansed Plains of Liberty. 

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