One of the largest industries that employ millions of people worldwide is petroleum acquisition and distribution. With a net value of 1.7 trillion dollars, it exceeds the next largest industry of mining minerals and metals which has a combined value estimated to be $660 billion dollars. The oil bonanza arose out of the industrial revolution as a solvent, but later it became a more transportable energy source than coal. It can be split into 3 separate divisions: exploration, extraction, and exploitation. In exploration, geologic engineering has advanced from dowsing rods in the 1800’s, to ground thumping (via explosives) in the mid 1900’s, to ground penetrating radar and satellite surveys of today. Extractions have been on the rise with increased demand and exploitations are worldwide with top executives pulling in giant profits while the work force risks its health with wages that are not keeping up with inflation. All this so the masses can putter around in their oil powered chariots, collecting plastic playthings that will showcase their silly, survival success. Going down 1 to 8 miles below the surface of the earth to extract the black gold is an impressive feat. Most theorized oil to be from algae buried in ocean mud. But if they’re drilling through 9,000 feet of ocean and another 36,000 feet of rock under the ocean, how did it get there? This isn’t an organic based fuel for humans, this is the earth’s lifeblood and our human race of mosquito-like, parasitic pests is stealing one of our planet’s circulatory fluids to the tune of 94 million barrels per day. Our anemic planet in an effort to save itself, will have to purge this pathetic virus that infests the surface. In the upcoming 6th mass extinction, mankind and his works of art will be shed from the skin of the earth and blown out into space. Future explorers to this section of the galaxy will be scratching their antennae when they find an orbiting Tesla car with a dummy at the wheel. 

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