Genetic engineering has come a long way since the double helix ladder of DNA was understood and described in 1953. From this knowledge, cloning and crime scene solving employ many people and was constantly being refined through research and development. By manipulating snippets of the genetic code, desirable traits can be incorporated into a living creature and disease prevention can be attained, but the results are corralled by the fact that it is still an organic living entity. You cannot genetically bulletproof a human. This is when Atomic Engineering (AE) made its debut. Once chemistry and genetic engineering laid the groundwork, a whole new field of science came crashing on the scene to create the perfect human being using the entire periodic table. Like the Manhattan Project, a government sponsored program was instituted that advanced the platform through a scientific method of trial and error. Using multiple cells to increase information exponentially with only a handful of geniuses knowing the whole operation, secrecy was imperative. Religious and moral principles were being violated. From the laboratories, came early Frankensteins using AE to introduce new elements into life. Aluminum Jim was an early attempt to introduce metallics into the human structure and cascaded into a whole array of creatures using all of the metals available. Titanium Tim was a breakthrough in that metal poisoning was suppressed and, by sheer chance, an experimental anthropoid ended up with superior intelligence. He was designed as a working drone in the foundry industry because of his high melting point but his tolerance for heat made him a natural for rocket racing. Titanium Tim was the Parnelli Jones in that style of racing, sitting in an open cockpit of a Sprint Missile attaining 100 Gs of acceleration and Mach 10 speeds. Winning his 43rd race, Titanium Tim pulled his white-hot Sprint into the victory lane a bit too close to the cheering crowd and vaporized them. 

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