The private sector is back in business competing against other contractors in supplying the government with launch vehicles. After all, the government is an excellent customer and has deep pockets, thanks to taxes and printing presses. Recently someone said, “LET’S GO TO MARS” and like drunken, sorority house, frat members, all agreed. So, the first thing that happens is that a master plan is drawn up, and then comes those annoying, little, pesky problems that pop up. Things like, how do you keep a crew of international strangers from ejecting their deemed enemies from air locks? Will the mathematician from India be offended if the American pilot eats a hamburger? Will the Israeli radiation scientist pull back the cosmic shielding when the Palestinian solar technician looks out the window to view the panel arrays? Will the Physical Fitness specialist from Germany set the treadmill to the highest level when the Italian cook uses the equipment because of their hatred of each other after WW2? Will the Psychiatrist from Brazil give homophobic queries to the Gynecologist Doctor from Mexico? Does the Russian Security Commander suspect the Ukrainian Fuel Analyzer of possible sabotage? And will the Mission Specialist from Greece have thoughts of raping the Japanese female in charge of stores inventory and allotment? These little character quirks could surface after a year or two entrapped in a metal box hurling through space at 8 miles per second. The whole purpose of interplanetary exploration is for humans to disperse their seeds amongst the galaxy and guarantee the survival of the Homo Sapien population, just in case there is a catastrophic collision with a giant meteor on earth. Or much more likely, if there is a cascading thermonuclear weapons release by the gems that that inhabit this world. Going to Mars to avoid this pitfall is a waste of money and effort, because as of yet, the apex predator brain still commands the APE-RONAUT’s thoughts. 

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