The successful mission of assassinating the US President brought unforeseen scenarios that unfolded quickly. When the surface-to-air missile launched right after takeoff of Air Force One from Andrews Air Force Base and hit its intended target, the stage was set for WWIII. Like WWI, finger pointing, false blame, emotional outbreaks, and ally treaties dragged the whole world into it. It wasn’t too long before the rockets’ red glare lit up the atmosphere. After all the nukes from all the nations were exhausted, the 40,000 disassembled weapons from the 2 superpowers were put back together again and Humpty Dumpty got fried. Luckily, the Mission to Mars program was well into its development with the von Braun rotating space station creating earthlike gravity. The station was busting at its seams with the richest citizens and brightest scientists aboard. Watching from their hotel windows from their pods high above the earth’s atmosphere, the last outpost of humans was treated to the most spectacular light show ever imagined below. The blasts and the fires consumed everything and everyone in its yearlong burn before the oxygen gave out. No one figured on that, making all underground bunkers useless. The earthlings aboard the Space Station ARK protected in their self-sustaining vessel for years now faced a decision: should we stay, or should we go? The vote was unanimous, THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE HOME. Avoiding cosmic rays, decrepitating low gravity, little water, and cold temperatures, the Children of Noah left the ARK and headed for Antarctica. They used electrolysis to break the remaining ice into oxygen for life and hydrogen for energy. The temperature hovered around 80°F. from the BURN and gravity was at .96 from the loss of mass. They built a magnificent city and prospered. They reintroduced old technologies and art. They called their Garden of Eden, ATLANTIS. The year was 9000 BCE. and as the planet stabilized, and ATLANTIS got colder, they dispersed north. 

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