Moving along at the speed of humans (a variable depending on the age, attitude, and motivation), this velocity ranges from a turtle crawl to 28 MPH. Bringing this movement to a complete halt involves cutting off the signals that are firing the muscle impulses used to attain that speed and refiring a different set to impede the forward motion. In other words, putting on the brakes. The brain does this automatically once the decision to shut down is activated. When early man first domesticated horses, he had to teach his animals the proper signal to conclude the forward motion. This was conveyed by pulling back on the mane and shouting, WHOA! Indian elephants were ceased with a metal hook on a stick (ankus) prodded into the ear. As humans progressed to the industrial revolution, items were invented to stop his machinery and the mechanical vehicles he invented. Cars were brought to a standstill by means of levers, cables, pneumatics, and hydraulics. Electric motors were stopped via circuits that “plugged” the motor with dynamic braking. Aircraft came with a different set of rules that required spoilers, air brakes and reverse thrusters, and boats achieved an ALL STOP condition by reversing the propellers. Humans have also inadvertently developed braking systems while moving through life with all its complications and experiences. Parents apply the brakes on children’s behavior. People out of control while operating motor vehicles have used trees, guardrails, and other cars to terminate forward motion, sometimes at the cost of terminating themselves. Bullets are arrested by Kevlar vests, bones, and human shields. Life is occasionally concluded by utilizing gravity to attain vertical speed and then employing the earth to instantly decelerate. Messy. A more recent invention of modern society engaged by females to put on the brakes of male sexual advancement is the HEADACHE. This tactic can result in a painful, buckled over situation known as BLUE BALLS.

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