There exists an ugly business that takes place in many countries, both primitive and well-developed. It seeks the young and innocent members of a society and exploits them for their firm and well-developed bodies. The heads of these operations will profit profusely from their operations at the expense of naive youth who follow these corrupt criminals blindly. Through deceit, disguise, and lies, these henchmen and their cronies will win the trust of these poor souls by feeding them and giving them some semblance of family and safety, but in reality, it is an illusion. The hunt is on for children of mostly poor and dysfunctional families who cannot give them the attention needed because their parents are too busy trying to eke out a living. Influenced by video games and a grim outlook about their future in a backwoods community with little chance to escape their plight, these wretched souls seek a savior. Planted in strategic locations near high schools, the predatory sales force is trained in swaying these lost children into a fictitious future. Contrary to popular belief, kidnapping does not occur. Rather, they entice the young teenagers with promises of foreign places, great camaraderie, free room and board, and money for their services. The temptation is too great for these inexperienced children and common sense has never developed well enough to prevent a fateful decision. They soon are put on a bus alone with a paid ticket and travel to different cities far away. Upon arriving, they are met by a member of this preying institution and are indoctrinated into a prisonlike existence for years or, maybe even, the rest of their short lives. They are taken to training facilities to learn their crafts and are given uniforms. These fresh graduates of the United States Armed Forces are trafficked to war zones in aircraft or ships. These children are given lethal weapons and are expected to sacrifice their lives for the betterment of the ELITE and POWERFUL. 

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