The fertile crowd of the matriarchal order now enjoys the same sexual freedoms that their male counterparts held since the dawn of civilization. They have unleashed an artistic license in sculpturing and displaying their inner and outer labia for all to appreciate. Previously unable to communicate the frustrations of their inability to model their atrium genitalia, Vaginal Reconstruction has been instrumental in liberating today’s women. The skills of select surgeons using lasers and 3D organic printers have now transformed the sex appeal of a woman’s body tenfold. Some females elect to sculpt their vaginal vaults with expressive themes. Aggressive women enjoy the look of a serrated labia that tightly meshes and resembles a vertical shark’s mouth. More earthy women chose a flowery theme that can mimic rose petals, lilies, and if funds allow, a pillowy sunflower complete with color coordinated dyes. Animal themes abound as pussycats, beavers, and puppy faces have been introduced. The arrays are as unique as the ladies themselves. Not wanting to waste their “chiseled charms” only to their better halves, the underwear companies have responded by retooling and have installed clear plastic view windows where the cotton reinforced panels used to be. Short dresses that terminate 3 inches above the groin have come on the scene and serve only as a color accessory to the patio door panties that are now being featured. The shopping malls and public gatherings have become a showcase of models walking the runways, strutting their elegant egg empires for all to admire. The effect on a man is mind boggling, especially when mated to a deep plunging push up bra. V.R. is responsible for an economic boom as spending has gone off the chart, war is nonexistent, and depression has virtually disappeared. Fertilization rates are at a predetermined level (10.6%) as all the substandard men (89.4%) have been fitted with electric ball warmers that destroy sperm. 

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