This acronym contains only 4 letters but will cost taxpayers 12 decimal places worth of money: that’s 380 billion dollars acquisition and life cycle cost. These are some impressive appraisals, but reviewing history, one notices that costs always balloon over the estimates and, without fail, these will blimp way over the guesstimates. The acronym stands for Ground Based Strategic Deterrent and is a 50-year plan to replace the 450 ICBM’s buried in Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, and North Dakota. With over 500 ICBMs already removed from service due to SALT talks, this is an absolute bargain as the costs would have quadrupled if we would have replaced the Full Monty. Simple math doesn’t apply to Defense Spending. The program includes a complete, phased scrapping of all 450 Boeing manufactured, Minuteman III lCBM’s, the remote launch silos, the command centers that control 10 missiles each, and all the electronics and safeties necessary to launch them. Contractors are sending out their best lobbyists to try and win these extremely lucrative contracts. Putting command centers underground is extremely expensive and stupid. Enemy I knows that if he fires the first volley at Enemy II’s missiles, they will launch them as soon as they are spotted on multiple detection systems. No sense firing at a missile that ain’t gonna be there. So, in order to save money, (WHAT?), the government should install them on the surface. With over 40 states sporting wind farms with hundreds of locations and tens of thousands of generating units, merely disguise them as functional wind turbines and generate usable electricity. With drones on top of every windmill, saboteurs could not get close enough to take one out and enemy aircraft would be shot down long before getting close to the farms. When the shit hits the fan, jettison the generator, launch them bad ass puppies at the cities of our enemies and blow them vermin all the way back to when they had tails.  

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