On Little Johnny’s blue marble, lives many different types of bacteria that coexist together. While that blue orb supplies a large dwelling surface for these tiny creatures, misunderstandings arise between the different bacteria that gets their color from the food it ingests. White bacteria consume crumbling crackers, yellow bacteria digests rotting rice, the reds absorb a multicolored, moldy maize, and black bacteria feasts on putrid poultry. These diets are the only subtle differences between all the different species of the same genus. During the time of the marble supercontinent (Pungea), a long time ago, there was but one species of bacterium, but as the subcontinents separated, the different species evolved due to the unique flora and fauna that grew in their location. When the individual, segregated colonies existed alone, their biggest danger was themselves. They killed their own kind. Now with integration due to bacterial immigration, racism emerged. Wars occasionally occurred, and interspecies genocide was approved by the bacteria’s government. After peace is established, these homicides became illegal, but the main killer is still: same species genocide at the rate of 80- 90%. When a rare incidence takes place, like a white/black murder, tribes of blacteria protest the decimation process of having one of their kind unjustly terminated. Meanwhile, blacteria lives splatter by their own kind daily. During the same time, white, red, and yellows are also being splattered by themselves. All bacteria have to realize that they are their own worst enemy and stop trying to blame another color for the failings of its own kind. Take responsibility, correct one’s own actions immediately, and move on in bacterial life. Protests get launched, violence is detested, and then arrested. A severely battered blacteria once said, “why can’t we all get along?” In his wake, was 60 plus dead, nearly 2400 injured, and a billion dollars damage. For what? 

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