Sneaking around the planet are a bunch of patriots that are willing to give up their lives for an “elite,” if the situation beckons. These suicidal servants have placed the life of a politician or dignitary above their own and blindly support all that they perceive to be as GOSPEL. In this country alone, there are many organizations that employ tens of thousands of people for clerical work in specialized fields. NSA, CIA, SECRET SERVICE, and a host of other invisible agencies that exists when special tasks are required. Standard laws don’t apply to these entities and are given carte blanche to accomplish whatever they need to do. The vast majority are in highly specialized fields such as code breaking, intelligence monitoring, and surveillance, but if security is needed, out come the SPOOKS. These sophisticated assassins provide the extra “freedom” to defuse any situation without fear from prosecution. All in the name of National Security.  Nearly all countries are up to no good in world politics, and the rules of engagement become fuzzy. As one tries to scam another, covert operations are constantly being launched and retracted. The only thing that is constant is paranoia; hence, the SPOOKS are out. If you need proof that democracies have protective measures, nearly get close to any secure location. You are constantly being scrutinized. If you elect to go for a walk in Catoctin Mountain Park, near the Maryland/Pennsylvania border, anticipate an encounter with other park visitors. You will see an occasional trout fisherman in the streams with brand new gear and ear headphones. You may see Private Road/Keep Out signs with dual transformers feeding the residence for electrical redundancy that is hidden from view. If you move around enough, you may also see 2 special forces-type men with butterfly nets. If you get too close to Camp David, these Ropalocera lovers will wrestle you to the ground and, if necessary, strangle you to death with their bare hands.  

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