When misfortune bestows an individual, and that person is enlisted in the medical military (indoctrinated into the healthcare industry by participation with a medical insurance plan), that soul is now at the mercy of a giant, for-profit corporation. The first thing doctors learn is another language (Latin) to confuse the constituents. Prior to computers, doctors would SCRIBBLE prescriptions in cursive for the pharmacist to decipher. They did this to hide the simple oil-based chemicals they were suggesting for their patients who doubled as the delivery boys for their own medications. If there was confusion, a private phone call between the pharmacist and doctor would rectify any questions that arose. The drug lords soon became astute at decoding the physician’s chicken SCRIBBLES and handed over the right placebo to help the patient’s psychological health. In time, it’s the body’s natural defense mechanisms that figures out the problem or gets the individual to accept and adjust to their now chronic dilemma. They get paid handsomely for not really fixing anything other than a broken bone or severe tears in tissue. However, at times, they save lives in human battles against bayonets, bullets, and motorized buggies. The cure for all these is to just stay home. Cancer is a crap shoot and is quite lucrative for the oncology boys who have the same odds of success as the geriatric guys: very little. The other mystery is the bill. Buried in that computer printout that mimics the national debt are numbers that were generated from a computer program based on the game SCRABBLE. Each letter in the procedure has values that rate; 1,2,3,4,5,8 and 10. X-rays are 8 points for the X; r, a, and s are 1 point each, and y is 4, for a grand total of 15. Throw in the medical multiplier that each insurance company has, and you have the total for the item. Blue Cross Black Shield uses a 59 multiplier. So, your bill for that X-ray is 15 x 59 =$885. Simple as pie (3.14). 

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