The time has come to dissolve the United Mistakes of America and form a collection of sovereign states that function as 30 to 40 totally independent countries with their own political agendas and flavors. Whether it be liberal, conservative, anarchist, fascist, communist, isolationist, capitalist, colonialist, or despotism; all these different states will set up their constitutions strictly for the idea they represent and that’s it, no overlap. This way an individual can and will reside in the state which appeases his viewpoint and be living with very like-minded people. Border guards employed by the states themselves shall enforce sealed borders that will allow no one else to enter. If an individual changes his political views over time, they are free to move to another state, if they meet the requirements. All interstate travel will take place in neutral territory (42′ below grade) in underground, quarantined people movers with absolute security. Monetary instruments are universal, so no one knows what their true homelands are. Spying and infiltration are punishable by instantaneous death with no court system. This will discourage dissidents from trying to create social unrest. If a particular state contains a natural wonder, this will be available to all through virtual reality. No need to subject purists to a foreign viewpoint that will cause friction. If everybody in one state has the same views, the attitude will be harmonious and peaceful, even in a racist’s state, because they all hate everyone. Best of all there will be no federal government to agitate the state governments and withhold funds as punishments. All incomes will be distributed evenly amongst the population, except in the capitalist state, that will soon destroy itself by out-of-control greed. That state will be the universal cemetery thereafter. If everyone lives with people who think alike, then everything will work out just fine, right? What utopian planet are you living on? 

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