MCMLXXVII was a year that created a new horizon for the balding apes, known as humans. After coming off of 3 1/2 decades of war and its spinoff, a cold war, people were tired of lying leaders who took 18-year-old boys and turned them into killers or, worse yet, dead men. The technology advanced to the point where nations were building flying pipes that had the energy of a billion campfires in which to toast our enemies into toast. And they did likewise. A peanut farmer President appeared to understand the concept of nuclear weapons and immediately started talks to disassemble these Satan Sticks in order to save the human race. Later in his term, the sins of former Presidents bit him in the ass when the Middle East erupted, and amongst many retaliations, grabbed 52 diplomats and civilians and released them the day the replacement President swore his oath. Sounds like a script from a B movie. The defeated President grabbed a hammer and started building homes for disadvantaged citizens until his body would no longer support this abuse. Besides the last-ditch effort to free the hostages (Operation Eagle Claw), Jimmy Carter was the only US President to have never dropped a bomb or fired a bullet during his term, and the citizens of the “good ole US of A” voted him out. Faced with truth and peaceful intentions, humans can’t see the light at the end of the Funnel, ’cause their looking down the wrong opening. With their head up their asses, they can only see the dark side. When new views come into focus and are presented as truth, the outcome is usually comical. A song written by Jim Steinman and sung by Meat Loaf and Ellen Foley presented an honest view into love, marriage, and relationships in a stiff and ridged Caucasian world. In selecting a mate for life, which is not common to mammals in general, the tune showed the gamble of fate and the drive to procreate driven by nature. This classic song is still played. Remember it? PAIR OF DICE BY THE CARDBOARD WHITES. 

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