From the movie, JURASSIC PARK, the technology has advanced enough in 40 years that made it possible to recreate a creature from the past. Using the DNA from a frozen Woolly Mammoth (WM) and incorporating CRISPR, a bacterial technique that can rearrange the rungs (ATGC) on the DNA helix to create creature features, it is now possible to take an Asian elephant embryo, modify it, and give birth to an extinct species. Within a decade, there has been a thriving business in the western US to raise and sell these exotic species. Orders from 99 countries has kept the WM breeders working around the clock. Hairy elephant ranches have sprung up in northern Alaska and remote Nevada to keep the precious herds safe from unscrupulous crooks. A few years ago, some Mammoth rustlers made off with 11 animals and headed them off to the Yukon. With satellite technology, they were recaptured and the scoundrels responsible were tried and hung. The profits that can be realized are huge and need draconian punishment to discourage theft. As billionaires stand in line for their own Woollies, enterprises have been incorporated to get a return on their investments. Casper, Reno, and Missoula hold big buck races in the spring known as the Darby, the Freakness, and the Missoula Stakes, with mammoth owners taking home 8 figure winnings. People come from all 7 continents, wearing hats with tusks sticking out, drink mint woollies, and bet huge sums of money for their favorite Mammoths. The old circuses, like the Phoenix, have risen from the ashes and now make their way around large cities drawing in billions of dollars a year. Watching the WM’s go up on 2 legs with a scantily dressed young lady on board, brings the crowds to their feet. WM rodeo shows at arenas, showcase riding skills, and cattle roping. Many people bring their kids and watch their eyes glow with glee at the juvenile WM petting pit. For $175, the little tykes can ride the beast for 25′ and have bragging rights for life.

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