What percentage of individuals in the animal world that dream is unknown; and, for that matter, do flowers dream?  Life contains a common thread throughout the entire tree in its makeup, but the neural pathways that are responsible for dreams are species unique. The Homo Sapiens klan has a dream industry just like those found in Hollywood movies. As you fall asleep, the specialized tradesmen start erecting sets in your head as the script unfolds. Carpenters build the most bizarre and creative scenery for your particular dream. These artists can construct, almost instantaneously, fantastic structures that have never been seen before. These stages can be either black and white or, more rarely, full blazing color. These elaborate dreams require skilled electricians to light up these scenes to broadcast the intense hues of pastels and primary colors. Sometimes their lighting reveals sparkling metalflake colors that bedazzle the viewer of this dream, sitting in their mind’s theater. Also included in this cast of behind-the-scenes characters are an office full of engineers who are given guidelines on how to utilize physics. Dreams sometimes involve transportation through time and space, and they are constantly juggling the parameters of gravity so that the audience (you) is falling but will never make deadly impact with the ground. To round out the main people in charge of the script, a producer and director are needed. These guys weave a story within, that twist and turn the plot into potential Oscar winning nominations that would put Hollywood’s cookie-cutter industry to shame. Their use of subplots, superstar actors, and computer-generated sets and special effects keep the dreams in a forever state of surprise. As the whole story is getting to the most suspenseful part, the fickle director jumps to his feet from his authoritative chair and hollers, “CUT!” In the background, there is an intrusive noise that is not in the script. It is your alarm clock going off.

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