As the sweaty humans scrambled around the warming world, trying to undo what their ancestors did, the practical scientists realized it was too far gone. Noticing machines that could extract oxygen from ground water by electrolysis and mixed with liquid nitrogen, the breathable air was pumped into underground chambers to sustain an elite few from the scorching surface temperatures. All that nonsense about going to Mars to live was just a diversion to create a survivable set of select humans to remain on earth while the “sinners” died off. This is not a new plan. Humans have done it in the past and have recorded this episode in an old history book known as the Bible. This is the modern version of Noah with a different climatic disaster from the previous story. Instead of creating conditions that caused excessive precipitation that formed drowning floods, this one is cooking the occupants into animal crackers. The new NoAH is an acronym that dictates who will survive and who will die. NoAH is code for No Average Human. As the world population climbs out of control, the intelligence of the species dilutes due to others saving the stupid and letting them procreate, shifting the bell curve. Intentionally knowing the outcome of this scenario, certain elites just let the system run its course and let its inhabitants spew earth warming compounds into the air. Making tons of useless, shiny shit, they knew the dummies would create a demand for these polluting objects. As more and more crap clogged the oceans and landfills, destroying these cretin’s food sources and habitats, they were on a path of destruction. Yet the elites kept pumping trinkets to the toads (undesirable inhabitants). They knew they could survive the apocalypse with the profits they generated. Installing underground safehouses (tunnels), utilizing the deception of quicker transportation, was pure genius. As the NoAHs climbed down into their survival Arks, they close and lock the hatches.

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