The Brainy Beasts have taken it upon themselves to utilize the planet, for all its worth, and reward their smart efforts with an item known as loot. Loot used to be a tangible object decades ago, but now, it is an abstract number that shows up on bank statements and investment portfolios. Long ago, cash was king and carried respect. Now these printed numbers are heating up the earth at rates this cyclic planet has never seen before. The more loot you have on credit, the more shit you can buy to inflate your ego and hot house gases. This environmental rape has been going on for 250 years and its indirect results are an increasing global temperature that is going to play havoc for the future of 9 billion poor people. The future of the affluent doesn’t look too severe, as they prepare for tomorrow. One of them is digging many tunnels underground to get out of the 115° heat and will reside in the 75° soil just like a sleeping snake. The rest of the lootless losers will cook away on the surface, and this is good as there will not be enough food to feed these surplus creatures who lack the funds to live. With inadequate loot numbers, the demand for shit will decline and so will the energy demands that this huge group needs to exist. Without these poor people spewing out hydrocarbons by producing 100 million farting cattle and 70 million gas cars a year that belch out CO2 and nasty methane, these levels will slowly drop. After 400 years, the planet will have cleaned itself up with huge tree growth and carbon sequestering oceans. Temperatures will cool with cloudy days reflecting back direct sunlight. Fog banks will result from massive rain forests that create their own weather, and the desert areas will stay cooler, as 8.9 billion dead humans and billions of other life forms litter the terrain with white, bleached bones that will reflect solar gain back into space. After the PURGE, the 100 million affluent snakes will slither to the surface.

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