The elites were now underground waiting for the infrared radiation to cook the poor souls on top into calcium that they will pave their roads with when they surface 400 years from now. Well stocked, powered, and prepared, they used profits obtained from the masses that guaranteed excess, and they utilized it well. Trouble is, as smart as these elites were, they missed something. It seems they underestimated the surface residents and because they didn’t have huge piles of loot like the elite do, they were automatically judged to be stupid. DAAHH! Once the average humans realized they been duped for 250 years, they got mad, and then they got busy. Looking at the most recent, pitiful methods to try and stop global warming with machines that suck out tiny amounts of CO2 and sequestering infinitesimal chunks back into rocks, they were desperate. Looking at a theory of making the stratosphere white with chemicals and reflecting sunlight back into space, they didn’t like the massive and energy intensive delivery systems needed to get this accomplished. Pouring over all the physical principles that average people become exposed to, they came up with an idea that stayed on the ground. At the surface, 71% is blue water, and blue absorbs solar energy. Not having the time or money to come up with a machine to impart the combination of all colors of the visible light spectrum (white light) into the oceans, they merely dumped air entrained flour and chalk onto the oceans’ surfaces that allowed it to float. Worldwide participation got the job done in 6 months. It didn’t take but 1 year to watch the planet’s thermal gain slowly stop and reverse as sunlight was reflected back. After 4 years, massive ships went out to skim off the reflective surfactant and restore the ecosystem. The ocean species were returned, as they were protected in certain bays during the white out. The only problem left was to dispose of that slimy slurry. Down into the tunnels it went.

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