To all: this word gets the neurons firing, but the pathways on certain individuals are as different as the US Interstate System. To some individuals, the sound of this word starts a cascading, loathing response. These people are totally comfortable in a predictable world of family and career and the thought of travel is a burdensome process through a maze of unknowns. What to bring? Where to sleep? What to eat? These are just a few hurdles that creates anxiety in people who, like a white tail deer, don’t venture more than 10 miles from where they are born. Family obligations and bonds tethered them to their home ground, and they seek no other stimuli that their microworld offers. They are content in this universe and travel nowhere. Others view travel as a pilgrimage to a secondary existence in another home and spend their productive years traveling from the main career home to the leisure home when time allows it. A third variety is the people who use travel in their jobs. They are very adaptable and pay attention to their surroundings constantly. This group can live out an entire working lifetime on the road without regret. Then there are the ones who live to travel. Their whole existence is to see and experience the world as much as possible, as their only limiting factor is money. A small group remains that never traveled much but are now forced to. These are the offspring of parents who decided to move to a warmer climate. Because of health reasons, their decaying bodies cannot tolerate cold and now reside hundreds of miles away. The child (now in their latter life) must visit their soon-to-be dying parents when time allows. They fly or drive through foreign landscapes that are never stopped at. Unique scenery and a few interesting people along the way are bypassed in order to comfort the one who gave them life and raised them to independence. These trips are sad, short journeys that will soon run out of road when their aging parent runs out of breath. 

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