Humans possess 3 main trigger points that are guaranteed to set them off: fuck with their spouses, their children, or their money. In the first scenario, the results are unpredictable due to the fact that when the detectives show up at a murder scene of a dead adult, the very first suspect in the investigation is the spouse. It is a love/hate relationship that can put the surviving mate in prison. As far as toying with someone’s children, this is extremely taboo in all societies, and no one would find any allies in kidnapping someone’s child. So, this option is off the books. As for the 3rd situation of stealing someone’s money, this will definitely raise the anger in the victim’s response, but may not get any sympathy from other people because quite a few of them live by the old adage: A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED. Relieving someone of his fortune will definitely send the casualty into a rage but may not gain him any associates to help him out. So, this became the route that the elites chose to ignite in the REDUCTION WAR that was brewing. It was going to repeat the scenario of 1929 by having the stock market fail and set off the working man into uncontrolled rage, thus making it acceptable to kill these out-of-control barbarians. On Tuesday, a chain of preplanned events caused the market to fall 39%, and the stress launched the start of the financial revolution. The vaccine inoculated investors were the first wave of rioters that were launched to soften up the banks and investment institutions that were visible in every major city. With red faces and veins hanging out of their tensed neck, here came a horde of enraged soldiers to make sure the antagonists responsible for the 2008 meltdown were not going to get away with this behavior again. Wall Street and financial sectors of other cities had a human ant trail of broken investors pouring into these buildings, to release the rage upon the brokers that were given the blame for the current crash. 


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