As the elevators unloaded their parcels of enraged people on the upper floors, Dennis Black was heading for an unscheduled meeting with the unaware Joe Bob Smith. Blowing through his stainless-steel door like a color blind buffalo in a Lego factory, Dennis was now feeling the full fury of his accumulated adrenaline that’s been building in his body for months. That 492lb. door that needed 6 hinges to hang from, was ripped free from 5 of them and was balancing on its bottom left corner and the remaining top hinge. He grabbed the corner of the massive desk that Joe sat behind and accelerated the rosewood behemoth to the glass curtain wall 8 feet away. By the time the opposite corner of the desk contacted the window unit, it had accumulated enough velocity to break through, but then got hung up on an aluminum mullion. Joe who was trapped in the sitting pocket during this horrific ride, was now hanging on to his locked desk drawer handle suspended over 400 feet of downtown Chicago concrete. This scenario was not unique. Throughout the world and especially New York’s Wall Street and London’s “Square Mile,” the situation was similar. It was raining people like the World Trade Center during 911. The rage induced by people relieved of their life savings was horrific. All this for numbers on a financial statement that appear on a computer screen. These possess no caloric value, no mandatory oxygen, or water credits that life must have in order to survive; they are only numbers that represent imaginary future security. The mere fact that the well-to-do Mr. Smith, hanging out over certain death, could buy his way back to safety only hinges on the rage within Mr. Black and nothing more. Looking at the terror in Joe’s eyes, Dennis’s rage leaves his brain, and now all he sees is a scared man that was motivated to make the lives of his loved ones better than his own. He pulled him from a concrete death below, back into the safety of a concrete floor. 

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