As Dennis Black pulled into the parking structure off of Wacker Drive, he noticed a chain of cars waiting at the gate to get their parking tickets. The men in these vehicles had a dedicated look on their faces that matched their attitude. Exiting the parking structure was a growing army of intensely driven men with garden implements, bats, and metal pipes. A select few had rifles, pistols, and boxes of ammo. They were all heading for the Welt Cargo building and not a one was engaged in any sort of conversation. As they congregated outside the building like wolves in a pack, the security people inside were terrified. Their reinforcements never showed up and their numerous calls to 911 were not being answered. As the assembled group outside numbered around 600, they were waiting for the building to open at 9AM. Any earlier and they would have been in violation of the law. These men have a very specific mission and did not want to create any collateral damage. They waited patiently and silently, and when the nearby church bells chimed out 9 tones, they simultaneously headed for the main entrance. Met by a shaking security captain and his elite team of 6 brave souls who thought their job description involved losing their lives, Dennis Black stopped and engaged in a calm, deadpan rhetoric with the leader. “We have no quarrel with you good people.” “Our mission is only to correct a misunderstanding with the fine gentlemen on the upper floors.” “Please go home to your families as no one here will harm you: Good day, gentlemen.” And with that, the whole group exposed their backs and moved to the elevator lobby. The security team radioed to the remaining team huddled in the basement if they had any news from the police. The response was that the Police Department heard that their entire pension fund was missing and that no one was going to respond to any retaliatory confrontation with the thieves that took it. The arrogant scoundrels upstairs were on their own. 

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