During the first 10 years of human development, the physical and mental changes that take place in an individual’s body are incredible. Starting from a completely helpless infant, over time, they develop mobility, speech, and independent thought. They grow from 7lbs. and 20″ in length at birth to around 70lbs. and 4’6″ in height at the end of a decade. From this point on, the major changes are influenced by the sex hormones as they slowly become activated. By the second decade, the person is complete, and experiences and fate will control the next 4 decades. After that, health and genetics now determine when the dying process will start. This will usually take a decade of time to disassemble that which took a decade to construct. Watching the age degression of an elderly individual is sad. When looking at American statistics, life expectancy numbers lose meaning in that the death age is extended to portray our exemplar medical industry. In reality, the extra years are spent in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, tethered to the pharmaceutical industry. They can give you quantity but no quality. If your desire is to live as long as you possibly can, regardless of your quality of life, well then, by all means, see the business boys in the white coats; they’ll keep that fearful clock running in a hospital bed. However, if you wish to exit naturally, the laws of entropy will phase you out according to its plan. You WILL decay physically and mentally and if you were paying attention in your prime, you may have picked up on that decade of death in the generation that preceded you. The choice is yours, but not really. It belongs to the great big power in the sky, or however you perceive your interpretation of what this performance is all about. Either way, you will succumb to this ritual because a boatload of people behind you want your shit and your space. Just like you when you were young. So, step aside and don’t fear, death is guaranteed. 

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