Floating around the world are a whole slew of emotionally abandoned kids and childless couples looking to adopt. All that is needed is an internet service to mate the 2 together, similar to the EEBAY site that finds buyers for surplus shit. With this institution being around for quite some time, it wouldn’t be difficult to expand this business to pick up the slack in the government services that are mired in red tape and restrictions. Instead of social workers making determinations as to the suitability of potential parents, the determining factor in the future would be the highest bidder. EEBOY and EEGIRL would have separate sites to cut down on viewing time, because the adoptive parents have already determined what sex they wish to take on. City couples would lean towards females for future diverse son-in-law selections and farmer folks would favor males for help on the ranch and, later on, a stint in the army to protect America from foreign, unsavory souls. The backgrounds of these buyers would be scrutinized with a criminal record search and most importantly a financial report; will their check clear? The last thing any dysfunctional mother or EEBAY wants is a bounced check. This would cheapen the integrity of the whole premise, to find a responsible buyer for those unwanted brats. An age restriction has been placed on these sites as no kid can be sold over 10 years of age, but violations have occurred in the past. Clever mothers and fathers have tried selling their teenage kids as 10-year-olds with altered birth certificates. Massive amounts of body tats and fully developed sex organs were dead giveaways, but that did not deter these motivated parents from trying to get these troublemakers out of their hair. The adoption sites now require dental verifications and complete medical exams to confirm the age, so as to nip this deceitful tactic in the bud. This will restore faith in the humanitarian effort to mate abandoned kids to more stable parents. 

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