Americans, in their infinite wisdom and access to huge piles of plastic money, can perform some outstanding feats of genius that would astound an amoeba. Now, with the Covid cure stuffed in refrigerated vials awaiting their mass exodus into the arms of willing recipients, they can relax only after they get their second booster. With tight schedules and winter get-aways planned, care must be taken to obtain their pharmaceutical-based cure. Unable to rely on their own immune systems, which have taken on the responsibility of getting them to the age they are now at, media hype and generated numbers have the sheep running wild in the streets. With a few stories true and some bullshit mixed in, we now are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. The biggest mover of these viruses is by far aircraft that can transport over 100 people at a crack. With only 1 infected body in a contained atmosphere, these intercontinental “bug bombs” should have been grounded and sealed at the airports immediately. But statistics show that the infection rates are not pandemically present. A true pandemic is dead bodies in the streets and dying doctors and nurses stacked up in hospitals like ammo in a war zone. What we do have is nonflying invalids dying in their old age and a few young people, too. Perhaps the jet flew too low over a nursing home. The current situation dictates that all the people who survived the last year, while breathing the same air that the dead people inhaled, now be vaccinated to become immune to the strain that surfaced a year ago. Like all viruses that use living cells to replicate, mutations will occur, and these vaccines have no efficacy in combating these newbies. INTELIJENSE AWARDS have to be distributed to people who have driven to their long-stay vacation locations with the 1st vaccine swimming in their bloodstreams, only to fly back round trip to get their boosters at the same clinic. It’s amazing we haven’t invented the cure for the common cold.

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