Now that the truth has been exposed surrounding all these different UFO sightings, humans can carry on their day-to-day minutia without fear of being abducted and anally probed. However, it appears that in our glaciers, under hollowed out mountains, and plying the waters in our vast oceans, there is not 1, but several local Alien cultures moving around in their customized rides. Some use low lead, time distortion-propulsion drives while others, who are more concerned with their (our) environment, have elected to use gravity lensing impulsors, which emit no pollutants. The new Aliens, who first appeared in China in 2019, use an organic chemical for use in their APUs (Auxiliary Power Unit). The APUs are turned on when on the spacecrafts are on the ground in order to save muon excitement fields that the main engines utilize (very expensive). The cheaper APU fuel is comprised of an RNA core surrounded by a corona like group of amino acids that links together into a protein key. This will unlock entry into an organic cell that can duplicate the entity known by the local inhabitants (humans) as viruses. Using their advanced technology, their first installation occurred in the most populated country so as to get an antenna up on synthesizing the most fuel for their flying saucers. The location of this state-of-the-art refinery was installed in a city of approximately 11 million people with 5 major airports so as to distribute the fuel making product rapidly. The country chosen was China, and the city was called Wuhan. The fuel that will energize the idling crafts of these Aliens is simply known as Covid-19, with added detergents, and will decrease the population of mankind by 2,984,794 (a number calculated by an advanced civilization to reach the Sanity Stabilizing Factor). What a fantastic way for creatures from the same planet to meet their hidden lifeforms of this Earth. Kinda reminds you of the European explorers landing in North America. Greetings, Indians! 

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