The modern world has been under siege by Unidentified Flying Objects ever since reporters have been sent out amongst the masses to gather interesting and strange stories that’ll grab the attention of their readers. Prior to 1903, with the invention of the airplane, sightings have revolved around asteroids, gunpowder, and atmospheric electrical discharges. After Wilbur and Orville got the ball flying, UFO sightings have increased, including from professional pilots, with the vast majority after WWII. Why the increase? It seems that unlimited spending on Cold War preparedness and advancements in technology created the stampede. As the number of sightings increased, a government study was undertaken to arrive at an explanation. This is like putting a pedophile in charge of a Boy Scout Jamboree, not a good idea. They explained away 75% of the sightings with excuses of swamp gas, satellites, and other aircraft but left 25% unexplained. This opens the door for coverups, lies and collusion. All one needs to know is during the 6 decades of nuclear proliferation and DARPA research, the programs were both numerous and cutting edge. Primarily observed in the vicinity of military bases, test ranges, and defense contractor facilities, the UFOs were in reality IFOs, Identified Flying Objects, but known to only a select group of engineers. The work performed at these installations at the time were Top Secret and chock full of National Security. So, what better way to throw off the ignorant public than to create little green men getting around in kitchen crockery (saucers). You only need to look at the first syllable of that word, CROCK, and figure out that they are using fear and lack of knowledge against you. When asking the witnesses to draw a picture of the phantom craft they observed, 10 versions of flying saucers surfaced. They were the Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback, Minivan, Pickup Truck, Sedan, Sports Car, Station Wagon, SUV, and Cargo Van. UFO dealerships are available. 

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