The prestigious pilots of those elusive UFOs that are constantly buzzing around earth’s huge atmosphere are a specialized group. Involving years of training on their home planet, followed by refresher courses utilizing the latest UFO simulators, these wizards of anti-gravity flight and precise UFO control graduate with honors. You would think after all the training and screening that pilots go through, that they would be one of the smartest creatures alive. NOT! Just look out in the deserts of SW America and what do you see. Nothing but crashed UFOs that create cleanup jobs for the US military. The Army has to scrape up the little green men and ship their bodies and aircraft off into hidden hangers to examine them. After a while, one wonders what caliber of creatures they are recruiting for this trade. Road closings, crash site recovery that involves specialized equipment that can pick up UFOs without wheels, and refrigerated buildings in the middle of nowhere can put a huge strain on military personnel who would otherwise be guarding top secret military installations that are in the same region. Are these alien pilots that inept or are they hanging around western watering holes and getting sloshed before climbing into one of the many models of UFOs that are secretly being repaired here in the US? They have to be assembled in some nondescript industrial park buildings because no one has ever seen a UFO craft hauler carrying 9 or so brightly painted, brand new, star ships ready to be handed over to a bunch of alcoholic nitwits. Upon taking possession, these hammered, green goofs are going to drive their expensive rides right into rock piles around Roswell and Area 51. Stupid! New Mexico and Nevada need to step up law enforcement and nip these incidents of flying saucer drunken driving in the bud. If not, it won’t be long before one of those little green losers loses control of his souped-up saucer and crashes it into a school bus full of 3rd graders. 

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