Confronting UFO pilots, 1 must ask in the same stupid tone as the character, Stuart, from the SNL’s, THE CALIFORNIANS:  WWWWHAT ARE YOOO DOIN’ HERE? Their response would be just as stupid: LOOKING FOR INTELLIGENT LIFE. Unable to find it in laboratories, medical facilities, and universities, the Aliens got into their flying saucers and just randomly floated around military installations in the remote areas of the country. They always made themselves visible to poor photographers with substandard equipment and crackpot, conspiracy cretins so the Aliens would consistently make the news on hype journalism stations. Being portrayed as little green men with no visible penis hanging down, these invaders decided to change their physical makeup and mimic human beings so as to infiltrate our sciences and find out just how much we really know about physics. People figured that if they can maneuver different types of flying saucers, well then it wouldn’t be too much trouble to completely alter their bodies. Kinda like a B2 bomber pilot changing into a monarch butterfly to see where the group travels to. It’s complicated to fly a stealth bomber, but it seems quite simple changing into other species. Of the gangs of Aliens that hang around Las Vegas, Nevada, some have managed to transform into accurate human replicas and walk around the masses undetected. These Aliens get together for a convention in Antarctica once a year near the Northern Jamaican Scientific Station on the Ross Ice Shelf and compare notes. A representative from each of the 4 invading planets speaks at the crystal podium. They reveal their latest discoveries about the new physics machineries that completely fools and mesmerizes the human race. Anything from mass transporters of 747’s, and the Statue of Liberty, to the laser cutting of a human torso and the immediate cauterizing it back together. Perhaps you have heard of some of them: Harry Houdini, Lance Burton, David Copperfield, and Criss Angel. 

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