Bill (11D) and Jerry (10EE) Muteborrow exited their Hertz, Impala rental car and proceeded south towards the border. Leaving their homes and wives 2 days ago, the brothers were on a scientific research mission that they had been planning for years. It seems southern Arizona has the 7th most sightings of UFOs out of the 50 states and the Muteborrows were going to view one for themselves. Pouring over a ton of information on the internet about flying saucers and Aliens, the brothers figured that they could solve the mystery of decades of superscience disturbances that took place around Tucson, Arizona. Knowing that military presence was, and is, in the area, the brothers looked into its mysterious history. Davis-Monthan AFB is a sprawling junk yard for old, previous state-of-the-art aircraft that would contain mountains of technical info. A former Titan II, ICBM installation surrounds the city with 17 former silos and 1 display model makes this a place of interest. Defense contractors pepper the workforce with skilled technicians that build missiles and other nasty gadgets that require top secret clearances. If there was a place to pique the interest of Aliens and their ships, this is the place. Bill and Jerry were approaching their predetermined viewing spot and arrived at 1AM. Crawling on their bellies, they came to the ridge and peered over the top. There they were. Spaceships on the ground with lights of white, red, and amber emanating from different locations. Parked in disarray in a dark, flat corner of the desert, 12 miles from the Mexican border, it was a massive rendezvous. The brothers counted 53 Aliens moving quickly from ship to ship and, after boarding, the spacecrafts stayed low to the ground to avoid radar detection. In these craft were Aliens all the way from Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and even some Aliens as far away as Peru. The brothers hit the motherlode of an Alien invasion as starships departed with symbols that said: RAM, NISSAN, AND FORD. 

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