Joe, the Egyptian, was finishing his 2nd shift up at 7AM. His timecard indicated 4620 BC. but common-sense dictates that is impossible. It was just a way modern journalists take precise guesswork and communicates it into a story that answers: who, what, where, when, and why? Joe was a lowly resident of a great empire, employed by the Egyptian government to work on a giant tombstone for some egotistical clown who became important due to birthright. Joe didn’t care. Joe was given food for himself and his family and chose the 12-hour night shift premium, thus bringing home more bacon. Joe worked by torchlight sliding big blocks of rocks up the perimeter ramps to position a nearly endless supply of stones. He helped construct a giant 3D triangle to a pampered pussy for his next life in the time intensive afterlife. Again, Joe didn’t care. What Joe did care about was keeping himself and his family alive, so Joe showed up every day, 7 days a week, to keep the good times rolling. The lack of unions, and a short life span, dictated the intense schedule. Every night and every morning, as the work crews exchanged shifts, they were escorted past a monument to their dedication of a sound work ethic. It was a reminder that good work is rewarded with pay (food) and rebellion was met with death. Joe witnessed it hundreds of times. If anyone refused to work, they were simply thrown into the bowels of the project, where their injuries caused death and their organic parts were consumed by a scavenger, leaving behind a calcium binder that filled in the voids and cemented the structure together. They simply became BACKFILL. The scavengers were called pyramid rats and infested the entire structure just waiting for the lazies to succumb to their injuries. The rats grew large and as the work force dwindled, they slowly died off and became mortar themselves. The statue that all workers passed everyday was the image of a pyramid rat known by humans today as the SPHINX. 

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