Walking back in time amongst the balding apes, who just climbed out of their trees and decided to go for a walk up to the top of the ridge, a revelation occurred. It seems that out in the plains, stillwater ponds existed at certain times of the year, and you could now see your reflection. It was this image that made the neurons fire in that newly morphing skull that 1 could now recognize individualism. This unique image conjured the new concept of SELF, and it’s been a downhill ride ever since. The importance gene was developing and gave the creature a new goal in life. It was to live only for the well-being and improvement of: ME. Out of this directive came a set of responses that enhanced a pre-existing behavior known as self-survival. The supercharged versions are known as egomania and selfishness. The old fight or flight mode was upgraded to constant war, slavery, and murder, all for the sake of being individually important. This required organization to collect other humans to either help out or take over the day-to-day operations altogether. The end products are armies, gangs, and businesses to gain territory and customers in order to increase the flow of wealth. Those that didn’t jump on board are soon jettisoned in some form or another. In early societies, a leader was one who was born with an overabundance of importance and soon learned how to gather up lesser members to build monuments to themselves. Prior to money, average people were enticed with nourishment and created the expression: WILL WORK FOR FOOD, which is now known as slavery. During the Egyptian, Greeks, and other dynasties, the kings and queens would put these minions to work constructing fantastic structures that were being built to pay homage to somebody of great importance. It could be royalty or some pre-approved deity that required this huge effort, but if you revolted, you were thrown into the foundation and became BACKFILL to seal the voids and erase your errant behavior. 

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