Wherever the conquers go, the blood will flow. Whenever the assimilators educate, the new culture eradicates. Man in his all-encompassing goal to fill the planet with himself, has over time, created some gross injustices. With nature’s goal of biodiversity to find the right solution to a problem, the human’s version is to take out the garbage when they move into someone else’s territory. This operation is twofold: 1) direct genocide of all the members that occupy the coveted area that are defiant. 2) a re-education of all the surrendered members who elected to live under another’s rule, rather than die under their former rules. The second version exists for the mere reason that someone is going to have to bury all those dead to prevent disease outbreaks. Labor is also needed to rebuild that which was burned down and who better than a beaten species that needs new directives. The first ones on the scene after the burial brigade finishes are the victor’s teachers that have to assimilate the captured and retrain them in the correct way to live. These re-education camps indoctrinate these citizens to the new regime and the empire grows. Examples of CULTURAL GENOCIDE are the Native People of the American continents and the Aborigines of Australia. Those that survived the onslaught of resistance soon found their children growing up on reservations and, in the mid 1900’s, in the homes of their conquers. Their languages and culture disappeared in a few decades. Luckily, this trend was recognized as imperfect, and the assimilated were given back their culture if any knowledge of it still existed. Today the reprogrammers of the current generation are the internet stories that are full of fresh lies. As the statues come down and selected history is obliterated, once again, the garbage is removed, and a new society is molded. CULTURAL GENOCIDE is an ongoing process that will always be present whenever anyone in power surveys the landscape and sees imperfections.

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