The data being sprayed out by the SEEDED SOCIETY members who believe that GEOENGINEERING is taking place right now, are pointing to elevated levels of aluminum compounds and large numbers of contrails in the upper atmosphere. Although you can’t see the nanometals, 1 can clearly see the heavenly contrails spreading out from aircraft in the skies. Dispersal aerosol is an old technology and is still used by crop dusters today to spread chemicals over farm acreage without sending damaging machinery into the fields. Weather manipulation was used in the Vietnam War as specialized planes dumped silver iodides on the Ho Chi Minh trail in order to promote heavy rains and wash the supply trail out. This was in addition to the dispersal of Agent Orange, an effective herbicide that killed cover. Microwave transmissions excite the atmospheric dispersed nanoparticles so they vibrate, create heat, and cause convection currents that can change the weather. The unknown aspect to this experiment is the long-term health effects on the lifeforms that inhabit the 3 zones: air, land, and sea. To date, bees and corrals are showing damage, but long-term health effects on humans breathing in microscopic metal and plastic shards haven’t hit the airwaves yet. The results could prove catastrophic but may produce the genetic human being that science is looking for: an intelligent, virus resistant, metal breathing mammal than can quickly adapt to any environment it encounters. By surviving Covid and living with quantities of aluminum metal embedded in the lungs, any increase in the earth’s temperature will be radiated away by aluminum’s superb heat dissipation properties. The ability to survive the last onslaught of 4 decades of human engineered viruses leads 1 to believe they are smarter than the average bear and, along with their radiator lungs, may be the homo souped-ians of the future. Getting rid of the old weezers will free up economies that are burdened with these relics.

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