Who could be so arrogant as to take it upon themselves to single handedly save the world from global warming? Who would have the technical know-how and money to do such incredible achievements? Who would be able to freely move around the world and create the fix for an overheated planet regardless of a country’s current Covertment (Government)? Defense Contractors? No. Construction Companies? Nope. Medical or Insurance Conglomerates? Notta. Perhaps a collection of giant, organized Oil Industries that have access to world markets, chemical refineries, gobs of cash, and armies of lobbyists and influence peddlers planet wide? YEP! Do they know how to chemically nanosize aluminum and plastics? Yes. Do they have access to them? Well, they manufacture the plastics, and the drilling spoil would contain the most prolific metal on planet earth: aluminum. Do they have planes to inject the aerosol into the atmosphere? A few corporate jets, but they own all the refineries worldwide and can easily put their discreet products into aviation fuel and sell it worldwide to every airline company that owns fleets of jets out there. Would they do that without permission? Are you really going to ask that question? Their enemies are fossil fuel bashers that want to curtail their half trillion a year industry and seal off their next 50-year monopoly stockpile. They are up against solar and wind advocates. What better way than to shut them up with: no wind to rotate the generators and diminished sun to lower the output of the solar panels. Their fuels work in all climates and temperatures and if they can hold off the planet huggers another decade with tainted data, who cares? They’ll have enough money to go underground where it is much cooler. The surface will belong to the billions of baking corpses that stopped the atmosphere seeders. They’ll then run their cool underground cities on gasoline powered generators that will exhaust their hot wastes at the scorching surface.

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