The human race just stepped up their undivided commitment to self-destruction or, at the very least, a mass genocide of their race. The current buzz blitz today is global warming, and as scientists and businesspeople argue the data, one faction saw opportunity and are conducting a giant experiment that may save, or enslave, the biped bacteria that infect this planet. Evidence (??) is showing a buildup of nanoparticles of aluminum and plastic particles in the upper atmosphere, allegedly placed there by affluent governments of the world. With human ingenuity spider webbing its processes into everyday technologies, some educated individuals are pointing to aerosol injection of these particles into the stratosphere as the work of an organized entity with an agenda that lacks supervision. The purpose would be to reflect sunlight back into space to prevent global warming, but its cascading side effects could be disastrous. The SKY IS WARMING Chickens are broadcasting out warnings to the average dumb clucks that a huge operation is in progress and GEOENGINEERING is in full deployment. The data reflects their suspicions, and the rest of the world just sits back trying to ascertain the absolute truth. In reality, the words: absolute truth is an oxymoron because there is no such thing. They show strange and bizarre atmospheric data that makes 1 wonder WTF is really going on. The Chicken Littles are also bringing in to play the HAARP PROJECT in Alaska, along with hundreds of microwave transmitters disguised as communication towers to heat up these aluminum particles in the air and thus influences the weather below. This is 1 of your classic conspiracy theories that show up from time to time. Project Azorian was an undertaking that built a specialized ship designed to recover magnesium nodes from the ocean floor. In reality, it was built to retrieve a sunken Russian SLBM submarine with nuclear weapons on board. The final conclusion: All Governments lie absolutely.

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