Rooti was enjoying his newfound freedom and all the alcohol tainted adult attention he could handle. After DD the rodeo clown dismounted, the llama was free to roam the bar and stopped at several locations to visit with young couples who wanted to know where he was from. At the end of the bar, and against the wall, was a delight that caught Rooti’s eye. This was the 70’s, and pinball was the game. With flashing lights and electronic music enticing the South American celebrity, Rooti now stood next to the Pin Ball Wizard (PBW) and his magnificent machine as the points tallied up. Totally engrossed in his focused skill, the PBW sensed a figure next to him but did not observe the misplaced llama. After a few minutes, his ball finally dropped, and he could now communicate with other humans. The PBW looking at his score and commented, “Did you see that?”, to the figure that encroached in his space. As the gamer turned his head to establish eye contact with his admirer, the llama met his stare head on, and the poor Pin Ball Wizard had a neural overload. Six-foot animals with long noses and bunny ears are not clientele that you normally meet in a bar. The gamer went up against the wall with his hands flat on the surface and eked out the most WTF(?) look humanly possible. The bar erupted accordingly. Rooti moved on. The Wizard was done with pinball for the night. Taking an hour or so to make the loop, the llama was no longer new, and his luster waned. It was time to ditch this temporary entertainment because the rustlers did not need some court of law impounding their scant wages. Returning the creature to his imprisoned torture back at the Root Beer Stand was out of the question. He would be taken elsewhere. Two of the camelid crooks walked him 1 block east, tied him to a police call box, and left him to raw fate. He lasted there about 9 minutes before 1/2 of the 2nd shift police showed up to a call about a large, unknown creature abandoned outside.

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